Cruising On 30

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When it comes to birthday celebrations, the BIG 30 is right up there ranking alongside your 18th, 21st, 40th, and 50th (daresay your 100th) in terms of importance. It’s a celebration of youthfulness, perhaps not the brash and physical youthfulness of a twenty-something but a more considered version. It’s also a herald, of more wizened and wealthy years to come, as your knowledge and experience begins to play a greater part in your life. In essence, it’s a momentous milestone and its celebration shouldn’t be short of extravagant.

Hence Daniel’s 30th birthday party was certainly not a low key affair. It involved an eye popping harbour cruise, on an expensive catamaran, with a limited guest list. Needless to say, I was lucky enough to have made the cut for this intimate affair.

Boarding the Obsession catamaran at Darling Harbour, the boat’s scenic journey took us across the beauty of Sydney Harbour to an idyllic beach at Chowder Bay. I was enthralled to see Sydney’s landmarks from a perspective I don’t normally get to, and it included a breathtaking sweep under the Harbour Bridge and across Bradley’s Head. Fortunately for my delicate constitution, the waters were relatively calm ensuring a pleasant ride.

The mild Spring sun enabled most people to sun bake at the bow of the catamaran for extended periods, lapping in the views as it rode through the choppy waves. A few braved the cool waters of the bay diving in for quick swim, including the birthday boy himself.

Onboard, a chef kept bellies full with a hearty lunch of steak, chicken and salmon, all straight from the grill. To top it off, the birthday cake was a thick and indulgent hazelnut torte from Black Star Pastry – an opulent and generous touch from his sister. Daniel even got up and gave an impromptu yet heartfelt speech thanking his friends for attending, a totally unexpected yet poignant moment.

With the official festivities at an end there was more than enough drinks in the esky’s to sink the ship, and fuel the party’s homeward run. The fun would continue long past the cruise itself.