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Goshu Kan Australian Karate

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Goshu Kan originated in Sydney in 1975. The Head Instructor is Master Tony Lucisano, 6th degree black belt, who trains under Grand Master Dr. Jon Puxty of Mudgee, who is the founder of Koshu Kempo. Master Lucisano has trained in numerous styles since 1965 including, Kempo, Shodakan Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Kung Fu. From these arts he developed Goshu Kan Karate.

Goshu Kan follows the teachings of Grand Master Puxty and is suited to both young and old, women and men, abled and disabled. It is an art in which the coordinated development of the body, mind and spirit results in an improved defensive capacity and the attainment of the characteristics of love, wisdom, courage. The art is a culmulative process which is dependent upon determination, commitment, discipline, patience, endurance, unbending will and unswerving belief.

Goshu Kan is a holistic martial art style whereby students learn and understand self defence (locks, releases and take downs), general techniques (punching, striking and kicking), fighting (freestyle and tournament point sparring), breaking techniques (boards and tiles), and weapons (senior students only).

Goshu Kan Australian Karate has both male and female black belt instructors of different ages and cultural backgrounds. All instructors have trained for at least 10 years with Goshu Kan and are experienced in teaching children and adults under the guidance of Master Lucisano.