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Justine & Thomas

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Being an expat living in the UK, Justine & Thomas, were only in town a short while so I had a handful of days to play with when planning their shoot. Yet Sydney’s unpredictable spring weather almost played havoc to those plans, and after our initial date got washed away, we watched the ominous skies on the day of our rescheduled shoot. Thinking the heavens were about to let loose I shot like a madman, one eye in the viewfinder, one eye scanning the darkening clouds. Luckily, the rain stayed away, and we were blessed with some wonderful overcast light and dramatic cloud formations.

Mother and son had an absolute ball, and we roamed from one end of picturesque Balmoral Beach, to the other. It was incredibly heartwarming to see the tender bond between these two. I hope that same feeling comes through in these photos.