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Ali & Nathan Sunset in the Valley

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Ali & Nathan Shep’s wedding was so full of memorable moments, it’s hard to pick one that stood out.

I’ll start with their stunning venue, Melross & Willows Estate in Kangaroo Valley, a property easily covering a few acres, with 3 rustic farmhouses and one enormous barn\function hall. The setting for their afternoon ceremony on the estate’s main lawn was just magical.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom shed as many tears as Shep, during a ceremony. Though with such a beautiful bride as Ali, it’s hard to blame him.

And the tears didn’t end there. In the evening, a series of heartfelt speeches kept both bride and groom reaching for the tissues. With the common refrain (and running gag) of “Poor Bloody Shep!” seemingly enough to restore the levity in the room.

The night was well and truly topped off by Shep’s, hilarious and totally impromptu, dance performance. Something that fortunately won’t see the light of day, but I’ll probably remember for awhile to come.

Congratulations Ali and Poor Bloody Shep!

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