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Brodie & Oliver Beautiful Country Crookwell

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The beautiful town of Crookwell was the backdrop for this delightful couple and their country wedding. Local gal, Brodie looking radiant in a custom dress by Gail from Stitches, Alterations and Dressmaking, enjoyed an amazing homecoming with seemingly everyone in town pitching in to help fulfill her day. From the catering, to the flowers, to the donated & hand crafted reception decorations, and the handmade road signs, there were touches of community everywhere. In Brodie’s own words, it really does take a village to pull one of these things off, and this statement couldn’t have rung more true than on this beautiful Summer’s day in December 2017, when a wonderful country couple tied the knot.

CeremonyPinn Cottage
ReceptionCrookwell Showground
Celebrant:Lynette Hayes
Brides Dress:Stitches Alterations and Dressmaking
Hair:Auburn Mane Designs
Florist:Crookwell Country Bunches
Cake:Shardae Stephenson
Catering:Roundabout Roasts

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