The Year of 2020

December 31, 2020

Difficult Year

How do I best describe 2020, a year where the world turned upside down? From March onwards, we endured a rollercoaster of emotions and restrictions, forcing many to postpone their celebrations into 2021 (and 2022 for some). We hoped and prayed things would get better over time. Ultimately though, we were at the mercy of an unforgiving, virulent virus and many plans were painfully laid asunder in its destructive wake.

The Lucky Ones

Luckily, not everyone got forced into this seeming inevitability. Through much effort, a number of brave couples altered and amended their plans, cut down on their numbers, and pushed ahead in some form or another. For those lucky few who managed to tie the knot this year, there was an added exultation with being able to achieve something that had a become a rarity, an emotional and uplifting jolt amongst all the despair surrounding us, and a joy at seeing friends & family celebrating together without restraint after periods of lockdown.

Thank You

Whether you went ahead with your plans, or worked with me to postpone to a future date, you have my deepest thanks and heartfelt appreciation for that support during this most trying time. Happy New Year! ✌️